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Extreme Sports Parks

        We maintain expertise across the full range of extreme

        adventure activities and sports, from indoor adventurous

        centres to outdoor activities parks. In recent years we have

        been involved in delivering iconic and exceptional extreme


        Thus, we bring our experience together to deliver both

        stand-alone facilities and integrated adventure destinations.

        LebAdvisor specializes in creating innovative spaces to

        practice the most exciting sports in the world, in a totally

        controlled environment. This includes spaces for bungee

        jumping, rafting, hydrospeeding, climbing, cycling,

        roller-skating, karting, and much more.

        Our complementary spaces -including eating and relaxation

        areas- are designed to the finest detail to unleash the full

        experience include. We adjust extreme parks elements to the

        tastes and preferences of determined target-customer groups,

        to ensure high profitability and a quick return on investment.

        Our range of extreme sports/activities facilities includes

        -but not limited to-:

        •      Air Sports

        •      Water Sports

        •      Climbing and Rope Sports

        •      Vehicle Sports

        •      Camping

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