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    Our consultation services include estimation of initial investment, market research and

    feasibility studies. Additional consultancy service include site searching

    and option appraisal, physical inspections,advice on size requirements

    and developing a design brief prior to committing to the project.

                            Master Planning

                            After the consultancy phase, logical master planning solutions are developed,

                            considering the site requirements and customer experience. This phase involves

                            developing land zoning strategies, concept and detailed master plans,transport a

                            nd parking strategies, landscaping strategies, concept architectural strategies and
                            complementary land use planning (leisure centres, retail, restaurants…etc.).

                                              Architectural Designing

               Our                           At this stage detailed designs (design layouts and 3D visualization)

        Approach                             of the adventure sports destination are developed in a way that suits
                                             both land and business requirements, in order to achieve project success.

                                             This include all indoor and/or outdoor elements making up the

                                             adventure sports parks.

                                                  Construction and Installation

                          This involve the construction, supply and installation of indoor and outdoor equipment,

                          machinery and systems of all required adventure sports settings  (e.g pools, filtration

                          systems, metallic structures and towers, nets, wooden bridges, zip wires, safety equipment,
                          props,  decorative elements….etc.).

    Operation and Management

   Our services extend to include the operation and management of the adventure park after its construction.

   Quality and safety are at the heart of what we do, thus we ensure that sound safety practices and

   risk management programmes are in place. Periodic maintenance including servicing, repairs, and safety

   inspections will be carried to actively manage the adventure activity and reduce any potential risk.

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